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5.00 €6.00 €7.00 €€ 96020.00 €21.00 €22.00 €23.00 € (Incl. buyer's premium)
 Bentzin Primarflex
6x6cm SLR for rollfilm 120, forerunner of Hasselblad, very nice condition with Tessar 3.5/10.5cm no.2420908, very rare Tele-Tessar 6.3/32cm no.1570228 (condition B+), cap, ever-ready case for the camera
Catalogue Number:685
Sale No:25592
Serial No.:27967
2.00 €3.00 €4.00 €5.00 €6.00 €Estimate:12.00 €13.00 €14.00 €15.00 €€ 800-100016.00 €17.00 €18.00 €19.00 €20.00 €
Start price: € 400
Buyer's Premium:20%
No. of visits:720

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