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Hammer price (1,00 SEK2,00 SEK3,00 SEK4,00 SEK4 23,00 SEK24,00 SEK25,00 SEK26,00 SEK27,00 SEKbid)
12,00 SEK13,00 SEK14,00 SEK15,00 SEK16,00 SEK17,00 SEK300 SEK21,00 SEK22,00 SEK23,00 SEK24,00 SEK
 Vas, PO Ström, Alsterfors glasbruk. grön/blått glas
H 17 cm
Catalogue Number:59
Sale No:313555
25,00 SEK26,00 SEK27,00 SEK28,00 SEK29,00 SEKEstimate:1,00 SEK2,00 SEK3,00 SEK4,00 SEK400 SEK17,00 SEK18,00 SEK19,00 SEK20,00 SEK
Start price: 100 SEK
Buyer's Premium:22.5% Inc. VAT
Fixed charge:20 SEK Inc. VAT
No. of visits:349
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