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Hammer price (5,00 SEK6,00 SEK7,00 SEK8,00 SEK4 27,00 SEK28,00 SEK29,00 SEKbid)
14,00 SEK15,00 SEK16,00 SEK300 SEK5,00 SEK6,00 SEK7,00 SEK8,00 SEK
 Vas, PO Ström, Alsterfors glasbruk. grön/blått glas
H 17 cm
Catalogue Number:59
Sale No:313555
7,00 SEK8,00 SEK9,00 SEK10,00 SEKEstimate:12,00 SEK13,00 SEK14,00 SEK15,00 SEK16,00 SEK400 SEK26,00 SEK27,00 SEK28,00 SEK29,00 SEK
Start price: 100 SEK
Buyer's Premium:22.5% Inc. VAT
Fixed charge:20 SEK Inc. VAT
No. of visits:279
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